About Us


Sprawled over 26 acres of pristine land, the campus of Delhi Public School, Bhagalpur is spread along a unique spot on the banks of the mythological Ganga, set amidst plush greenery and natural resources and beauty enriched with life; far from the madding crowd, the noise and air pollution, an environment conducive for the imparting of holistic education from this Temple of Learning. DPS, Bhagalpur, under the aegis of DPS Society, Delhi, threads determinants of education to fashion the best educational experience for the pupils – a school that evolves perception and consistency of purpose to students with the best possible academic environment so as to send them fully prepared to meet life’s challenges with confidence and ease.
We at DPS Bhagalpur believe in engaging students in education as an ‘experience’ rather than ‘compulsion’. When the distance between the teacher-mentors and the students is reduced to zero, it metamorphoses into a strong ‘guru-shisya’ bond, exciting the pupils who turn into eager participants in the teaching learning process. Our teachers labour in this profession because they love it, are good at it and can answer a high purpose of existence. For, we, at DPS Bhagalpur believe that it is an illustrious distinction to guide the footsteps of the youth. The teacher is not to create – they are to draw out. Our faculty desires to inspire students to indulge in education that makes the imparting and acquisition of knowledge easy and smooth.

From The Pro Vice-Chairman's desk

pvcDear Students,

Success has a perception that induces humility, feeling of brotherhood, respect for everyone around and sense of belonging for Country . Success in Quality Education will always have feeling of tranquility and serenity in character.

Here in your DPS Bhagalpur, "success" for us qunatifies all round growth of character, career, mind and soul. Let us tread the path of development with a sense of "Self Belief and "Conviction of Character".

From The Principal's desk

PrincipalKnowledge is not limited by time, neither bound by anxiety but is a lifetime effort of learning by exploration, invention, realizaiton and experiences.

"Our education should be robust enough to reduce the smallest difference between weak and exemplary. India needs a telling reform that can survive at least for a couple of centuries in the wake of diminishing boundaries of Nation". This statement of mine I truly believe, my team honestly professes and practices.

I thank you for choosing DPS as a desired school for education of your child. We welcome you to this large school family, which comprises of teachers, pupil and parents belonging to various castes, creeds, culture, sects and languages. A true Cosmo politan DPS Society that's rich in experience and articultate in value.

We at DPS Bhagalpur acknoledge that parents and guardians are the primary educators and school is an extension for aquiring "knowledge by doing" and "knowledge from experience". You as a parent are the first teacher who teaches your child "how to walk to school" and we as a school educate them with "knowledge how to lead their life". Beleive me it's a joint effort and for complete education of these beautiful children of ours we need to perform in sync and with trust of togetherness, Together we can and together we will transform every dream into reality.

We as a school are proud of each of our students and every child of ours will make a significant contribution to the development of society and Nation in the most dedicated way. They will be gems of sustainable success.


Every Child born brings along a proof of God’s trust in Humanity, a child symbolizes ray of hope for sustenance of Goodness and Honesty on Earth. The focus of education in DPS Schools is to develop Good Citizens - doing so with a belief of “Service Before Self”. Helping students acquire Knowledge and skills to be successful both personally and professionally is at the heart of our Teaching Philosophy.



This means that we serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly.We should not expect anything in return for our services, because there is greater pleasure in giving than in receiving.By serving others we serve God.


Let us think about it – what differentiates one school from another? What is so special about our school? It is the approach to education. World over there are million of schools, each trying to compete to be better than the other… We do not wish to be one of them. Our motto is simple: "Creating Global Citizens". This motto guides us in helping students develop cosmopolitan attitude without forgetting our rich Culture.

Our Modern teaching approaches help children acquire many skills that will enable them to analyse information, recognise task options and apply them to problem solving situations. We are committed to academic excellence and believe that thinking children can explore ideas in their studies. These innovative abilities can make the students more successful in present competitive society.

We encourage personal habits of hygiene, cleanliness in wearing school uniform and keeping their surroundings clean; also in forming good character as graceful manners, and polite obedience.

We maintain a good moral code of conduct that sets an example for a safe and harmonious environment. The children are expected to behave well and accept reasonable discipline for misconduct.

Children in this school are made to feel they can play a part in serving others. So as our students mature we look to them for leadership roles to help guide younger students. Also our younger children have talents we wish to see used in our school projects.

Our broad based curriculum goes beyond the formal academic subjects and includes sports, games, hobby clubs, arts music and drama. This gives our education curriculum a holistic dimension that develops healthy children in body, mind and spirit. However we do not neglect academic studies and expect all students to make good effort in their study tasks.

We encourage parental support and listen to any concerns which they have and ensure individual children’s needs are addressed, whether these are academic or social welfare issues that need attention. We fully recognise that our students are their sons or daughters and seek their co-operation in providing the best education for them