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About Us

About DPS Bhagalpur – Education is the potent tool for human development and empowerment of the people. The twenty-first century is the century of knowledge. Wealth in the form of intellectual capital is the richest intangible asset and the Human Development index (HDI) is the indicator of a Nation’s progress and ranking. Education has found an apt interpretation in Daniel Webster’s definition of education. He said: “Knowledge does not comprise all that is contained in the large term of education. The feelings are to be disciplined. The passions are to be restrained. True and worthy motives are to be inspired. A profound religious feeling is to be installed and pure morality is to be inculcated in all circumstances. All this is comprised in education.

We at DPS Bhagalpur believe that the relation between the school and the students is a relation of a soul to another soul. Our philosophy of teaching is that “nothing can be taught, the teacher is a helper, a friend a philosopher and a guide”. His purpose is to induce and not to impose; he shows the child how to perfect instruments of knowledge and encourages him in the process. Children  learn more by doing by discovering and not by listening submissively to a display of factual knowledge for a child every action is an experiment, our teachers and school campus are tailored to keep the environment adequately conducive for inquisitive adequately conducive for inquisitive and exponential growth of nascent mind.

Delhi Public School Bhagalpur under the aegis of DPS Society is a temple of learning, threading determinants of education to fashion the best education experience for children-a school that extends conducive atmosphere, evolving perception and constancy of purpose to students with best possible educational environment and send them forth fully prepared to meet life’s challenges with ease.

Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education is the basis of DPS Bhagalpur. TQM is the process of system change. The idea is to develop DPS Bhagalpur as an integrated, organic set of relationship in the direction of improvement sensitive to humanity.

Truly our motto – ‘Creating Global Citizens’ – begins to take shape.