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From the Principal's Desk

Every child born brings along a proof of God’s trust in Humanity. Children symbolise ray of hope for sustenance of Goodness and Honesty on Earth. The focus of education in Delhi Public Schools under DPS Society is to develop Good Citizens- doing so with a belief of “Service Before Self”. DPS is a center of excellence, helping students acquire Knowledge and Skills to be successful global citizens.  Education with promotion of culture and propagation of modern concepts is at the heart of our ‘Teaching Philosophy”.

In DPS we have individual pupil centric approach for optimum performance of every child. The framework of education is such that it motivates involvement of every student along with faculty.  Our teachers believe in reaching out to every student’s core competency with appreciation and trust. The Proverbial Sacrosanct Seven Steps and Deeds Towards Quality Education.

There is both spiritual and rational basis for our belief and choice of “Seven Steps” for quality education. Indian Scriptures have enumerated the great importance of number “SEVEN ” in our Indian Tradition, Culture and Historical Beliefs. “QUALITY ” too contains the pious seven letters that signify our commitment for “complete education”. 


Dr. Arunima Chakravorty, Principal DPS Bhagalpur

“Q” for us means “Quest -for excellence”. “U” for us means “Understanding -the concepts and interpreting it for students”. “A” for us means “Action- interpretation of our orientation”. “L” for us means “ Learner individual centric approach”. “I” for us means “Innovation- ever evolving concepts”. “T” for us means “ Training- build and developing competencies”. “Y” for us means “Year-round activity”.